Carpet Cleaning

Light Surface Carpet Cleaning

There are many articles that talk about the carpets, the different methods of cleaning and the care and concern that has to be given to them in maintaining their looks and to extend their life period. This is one of that kind that is going to explain about one very important cleaning aspect which many of us are unaware of. Generally, at homes, we use vacuum cleaners to clean them. With this, we are actually cleaning only the upper layers of the carpet. This has to be followed by a deep cleaning which would actually complete the cleaning process. Ok now here let`s talk about how this light cleaning happens.

This part of cleaning is generally known as light surface cleaning in Vegas. Here again, there are many different methods of doing this.

  • Dry cleaning – this is a very common process wherein a completely dry method or suction to the minimum possible is used to clean the carpets. Sometimes some quick drying agents are also used for this purpose.
  • Wet shampooing – a professional is called for this purpose. He uses mild shampoo on the carpets with a buffer machine. The hitch here is operating the machine properly that uses rotary discs in the cleaning process. So he has to be very careful in not damaging the carpet with these discs.
  • Absorbent powder – this is another completely dry method of cleaning the carpets. Here an absorbent powder is sprinkled on the carpet which is allowed to settle down over a period of time. Now, this would remove the dirt and dust settled on the carpet. But a demerit in using this method is that some dust from the powder might stay back on the carpets even after using a vacuum on them. So this might not be appropriate for thick rugs.